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How to use your Intellicard

There are many ways to use your digital business card. The case study below demonstrates one way to use your intelligent card to create another touch point.

“I forget my paper business cards all the time, and quite frankly I don’t like carrying them around. Having an Intellicard changed my life. I can even see if my clients forward my details to somebody else and acquire their information in that transaction via Intellicard’s monthly data report. It’s fantastic!”

Joey Allan – Google

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SCENARIO: Using your digital business card to build your network

You have just finished a successful meeting with a potential new client. You swap hard copies of your business cards. What happens to these now? Most likely, they are left floating around in a car, bag or wallet or potentially lost in the everyday office clutter. Thankfully you have a digital business card that will ensure that you can create a point of difference!

Time to share your card

You can either send a follow up email and attach a link to your digital business card or send an SMS; your details will never be lost again. Your contact is reminded of your services and is able to save all your details into their contacts list with just one click. Fully branded and all! They will never forget you again. Furthermore, they have access to all your business’s details and yourself all in one place. No need to Google for your website, or search on LinkedIn or Facebook to reconnect or scroll emails to find contact details. Everything is there all in one place!

Reconnect with your leads

Moving forward, as you look at your monthly Intellicard analytics you see that this new contact has shared your digital business card link with 5 people and those 5 people have shared it further. Your one potential client has now created ten new leads for you. This enables you to reconnect with them again.
The cycle continues to flow and your network is rapidly expanding. Networking techniques provided through an interactive digital business card has enhanced your brand, promoted your business with ease and made it very easy for clients to contact you.

Build relationships is easy

With the insights you have at your fingertips, you now have the power to conveniently keep track and get in touch with your potential clients as well as the new leads that each of them created for you. Building client relationships have never been better or easier!

But, now a question – what has happened to the hard copy business card that you collected from them at that first meeting? Do you know where it is? Have you circulated and shared details? Most likely not.

How to use Intellicard

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